Our Programs

Dream Up will provide effective programs with measurable outcomes demonstrating service impacts that reduce the incidence of domestic or sexual violence.  We will promote healing and a transition to lives free from violence.



Domestic Violence Program

Will increase victim’s quality of life through empowering them to make choices. End the cycle of violence in their lives. Provide independent life and job skills development for victims of domestic violence.


Sexual Violence Program

Will decrease the trauma of victims of sexual violence through on-going emotional support, therapeutic healing, life planning, and accompaniment throughout the reporting and prosecution of offenders, if that’s what the victim chooses to do as a part of the healing process.


Prevention Programs

While recognizing that awareness may increase reporting of domestic and sexual violence initially, Dream Up will reduce the episodes of domestic and sexual violence in the county by: increasing awareness and education to the community; providing services to juveniles from violent homes; and working directly with victims to identify why they have tolerated the violence and how to change a victimized mindset.


Shelter program

provide temporary shelter for child, woman or man in need of fleeing an abusive environment


Counseling program

We provide services to promote safety for victims along with counseling services, and our six point STABLE Program (Survive, Transition, Assistance, Become Self-Sufficient, Learn to Love Yourself, and Education Program) to encourage access transitional housing for victims of domestic violence. We use evidence based practices and employ qualified staff who provide structured, but compassionate for our clients.